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As a Brooklyn business with Brooklyn customers, we understand local needs, especially water damage restoration. Whether winter snowmelt leaks through the roof or into the basement, a busted pipe takes out a room, or a severe storm pours into the attic, we have the skills and expertise to restore the damage. We have over 20 years of water damage restoration experience, so you can rest assured your restoration services are in trusted and reliable hands. We understand Brooklyn’s water damage needs because we’re a local business serving local restoration needs.

24/7 Emergency Service

While you might be able to predict water damage from the weather, some water damage occurs without warning. Old pipes and appliances rarely give warning they give out and can quickly turn a basement or room into a pool. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service. No matter the source of the damage or the time of day, our technicians are ready and willing to take on the job. We understand water damage and how unpredictable it can be, so we make sure to be ready any time of day, any day of the week no matter the cause of the damage.

Trusted Restoration

With over 20 years in water damage restoration, there isn’t a lot we haven’t seen before. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded to make sure every customer gets the most trusted and reliable water damage restoration service possible. No matter the job or when the job occurred, our crews have the training, equipment, and knowledge to take care of your water damage restoration needs. We do whatever we can to make sure when we’re through, it looks like your damage never occurred in the first place.

Highly Trained and Equipped

Our crews have the training, equipment, and experience to ensure your water damage restoration is handled with the speed and dependability you would expect from one of the best in the business. From vacuums to dehumidifiers, we have the equipment to tackle water damage restoration from start to finish. No matter how large or small the damage or its cause, we make sure to put our skills to work. Our job isn’t done until the damage is restored so it looks like it never happened at all. Water damage can cause a lot of problems to a building, which is why we make sure to bring our skill and dedication to every site to ensure maximum results.

We are dedicated to preparing for water damage because it can be so unpredictable. As a Brooklyn business serving local customers, we understand local water damage restoration needs. We have the dedication, the skills, and the training to make sure whatever caused your water damage and whenever it occurred, by the time our highly trained and reliable crews are finished, it’ll look like the damage never even happened. No matter the extent of the damage or when it occurred, we’ll make sure when we’re done you’ll be left clean and dry. Trust in the experts and let yourself rest easy knowing your restoration job is in the right hands.




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